Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sandusky Vacation

This past weekend we went to Sandusky for a four day vacation just to get away. Thursday we went to Cedar Point, Friday we went to Soak City, Saturday we hung out and went to Island Adventures, and Sunday we went to the African Safari Wildlife Park and then came home. It was a lot of fun and Syd seemed to really enjoy herself, especially because our hotel had an indoor and outdoor pool, which she visited everyday we were there. We have a lot of pictures so I've split it up over the days we were there. We have no pics from Soak City because we didn't bring the camera or our phones, but I'm sure you can imagine we had a great time. Syd was in heaven with all the waterslides, raft rides, lazy river rides, and the wave pool. It was like a dream for her.

Anyway, in the following blogs you can see what we did at the other places.

Cedar Point - Thursday

We left Toledo at about 10:00 AM and got to Cedar Point around 11:00. We stuck mostly to the kids rides and games, since Syd was along. She had a ball on the rides and ended up riding three of the roller coasters... Gemini Jr., Woodstock Express, and the Iron Dragon. She's too short for most of the others. Many of them have a 48 inch cut off and the really good ones have a 54 inch cut off. She is presently 46 1/2 inches so that limited us a bit. She also rode the tilt-a-whirl, the swings, and all of the other kid rides. She seems to really like fast rides, which is good since Zack and I love them. She really liked riding the Skyway. And we rode the train for fun. Here are some pics of her on the rides. She rode most of them by herself, except for the coasters. We also caught Snoopy's Big Bow-Wow On Ice. And we saw Lucy and Sally walking around the park, but Syd didn't think either of them were worth having her picture taken with them.

Here's Syd with all the stuffed animals we won - 4 to be exact. Her favorite is the penguin, though you really can't see him in the picture.

Island Adventures - Saturday

We found this place in Port Clinton called Island Adventures. We spent some of Saturday there. We played mini-golf, lots of arcade games, ate ice cream, and Dad and Syd rode the go-carts. They also have bumper boats, but we didn't get on those. For more information, here's the website: http://www.island-adventures.net/

Here are some pictures and a video of them on the go-carts. In the video, they are the first cart in front.

African Safari Wildlife Park - Sunday

Sunday we went to a place in Port Clinton called the African Safari Wildlife Park. They have animals from Africa roaming around a big area and you can drive through the area and feed some of the animals. There are mostly deer (at least we think that's what they were), but they also have a number of buffalo, alpacos, zebras, giraffes, etc. We fed a number of deer and deer-like animals. Aside from the drive through part, the park also has a number of caged animals, mostly endangered, in another area you can walk through. They also have little shows going on throughout the day and a gift shop. We had a good time, even though we were all very tired. Syd loved having the animals put their heads in the car window to eat the food we had. Here are some pics and videos from the park. The videos are of us feeding the giraffe and zebra carrots. You'll notice one picture is of our turn signal. If you look close you'll see a lot of goo on it. That's because a buffalo tried to eat it when Zack didn't have any food to give him. Yum...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Syd looking cool...

Syd got a new Cleveland Indians cap and Magic 8 Ball. Here she is modeling both.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Camping over the 4th of July

We went camping in NY again this year for the 4th of July. We camp near Watkins Glen in a private campground (which is basically the woods - there is no running water and no electricity). We stayed in my parents camper down there since they didn't make it back. My aunt and uncle were down there with us, as well as my cousing Barb and her two kids Holly and Andy. While we were there my cousin John and his family (Laura, Josh, and Anna) came down for a day to visit. This was great for Syd since Anna is only about a year older and they played really well together (after that awkward I don't know you and I'm not sure I can play with you phase). It was a lot of fun and great to see the family. With the exception of Zack slamming his finger in the door and having to go to the ER to have it drained of blood, it was a great time. Here are some random pics.