Thursday, August 10, 2006

Enjoying the week with Syd...

This week Syd has been home with me because Apple Tree (her preschool) has been closed. So far, the week hasn't been incredibly exciting, but we've had a lot of fun doing Syd's favorite things. Sunday we were together all day while Zack was at a "mandatory" golf outing for work. Syd and I played outside most of the time and she swam in her pool a good portion of the day. Then on Monday, we played inside most of the day (it was really hot out) and then went outside and played with her friends in the evening. Tuesday we went to the zoo with the neighbors (Jess, Audrey, and Keira and Amy, Brody, and Cade). We all had a lot of fun. Syd loved seeing all the animals, but her favorite part was seeing "Nemo" in the aquarium. That night, we went out to dinner (Olive Garden) for our 8th anniversary. Syd came with us, because her babysitter is out of town this week. Yesterday (Wednesday), Audrey and Keira came over in the morning and swam with Syd, then after nap all the boys from the neighborhood (Brody, Cade, Tyler, Caleb, & Trenton) came over to swim. For dinner we had Chinese in the driveway with the next door neighbors.

My favorite part of this week has been just hanging out with Syd. She's a pretty cool kid and we've really connected this week. One of my favorite moments was on Monday. She was playing on my laptop in the family room (she now knows how to turn it on, log into her area, open the Internet browser, and go to The Wiggles webpage). She was playing the games on The Wiggles page for about half an hour, just clicking away. She had the laptop on her lap sitting on the couch. When she was done she asked me to take the computer off her lap and put it on the table so I did. About a minute later she said, "I have sprinkles in my toes." I wasn't sure what she was talking about so I asked her what she said, in case I misunderstood. Again, she said, "I have sprinkles in my toes." I said, "What kind of sprinkles and how did they get there?" I thought she was just using her imagination. She answered, "I don't know, they're just sprinkles in my toes." Suddenly I realized that she must be talking about "pins and needles" from her feet being a sleep. I asked her if it felt like little prickles in her feet and she confirmed it. Her feet had apparently fallen asleep with the laptop on her lap for so long and they were "waking up". I just thought it was the coolest thing that she described it as sprinkles in her toes. For someone who has no idea what it means to have an appendage fall asleep and what the sensation is when it wakes up, I thought that was pretty descriptive. She's so cool.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Welcome to Sydney's Space

Welcome to Sydney's Space, where you will find blogs about Syd. We will use this to keep family and friends updated on the exciting and ever-changing life of Sydney.

Hope you enjoy...