Monday, August 27, 2007

Syd plays her first game of Monopoly

Zack decided to teach Syd how to play Monopoly since it's his favorite board game. I thought he was crazy, but believe it or not Syd did great. She had a bit of coaching from both of us, but she can roll dice, count to her way to the space, and she knows numbers so she can even manage her own money (again with some coaching). I, nor anyone else I know, have ever beaten Zack at Monopoly, but Syd was actually doing really well. I took over for her about halfway through because she got sort of bored (though she stayed and watched) and we actually beat Zack. It was awesome. Pretty cool for a four year old.
Here they are playing.
Here's Syd adding hotels to her expensive properties. She even had a chance to add hotels to Boardwalk and Park Place (one of those was what made Zack go bankrupt and lose).
Here she is at the end with her wad of money.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Syd is still in swimming lessons

Syd is still taking swimming lessons at the YMCA. Swimming is her most favorite thing in the world to do. She would swim everyday all day if she could. The pictures below are of her doing laps with a board and sitting on the edge making faces at Dad while she waits her turn. This past session was nice because there were only two people in her class, her and another girl, so she got lots of swim time in.

T-Ball Awards

Syd's last T-Ball game was yesterday. After the game the kids got medals and a bag full of goodies (the medals were from the YMCA, the goodies were from her very generous coaches). She had a great season and loved playing so I'm sure we'll sign her up again next year.