Monday, February 26, 2007

Playing at the mall

Barb and Andy left Sunday morning to go back to NY, but Holly stayed until Monday. So, on Sunday we tried to find something fun to do. All we could come up with was the mall... how sad is that?

While at the mall we stopped at the playland to let Syd run some energy off. As you can see, it worked.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Syd's first time bowling...

So Barb and Andy have been visiting all week and on Friday (2/23) Holly flew in from FL to visit as well. We were looking for something to do on Saturday (all the snow is gone so sledding was out) and had heard about this cool family oriented bowling alley nearby, so we decided to check it out. The place is called Interstate Bowling Alley in Rossford ( and it is pretty cool. They have automatic bumpers on most of their lanes that come up when it is the child's turn. You put everyone's name in the computer and let the person up front know the children's names and they preset it so that whenever it is that child's turn the bumpers automatically come up in the gutters (then go back down for the next person). They also have really light balls that they give to younger kids (they keep them in the back office). There are some really good deals there too. Anyway, Saturday night the six of us (Zack, me, Syd, Barb, Holly, and Andy) went bowling. This was Syd's first time bowling, but she did really well. She has this very original run, stop, and drop method of getting the ball to the pins. She actually earned a pretty good score (of course with almost no gutter balls, we all could). She picked up a spare at one point (picture 2), which was very exciting for all of us. But she didn't pick up a split (pictures 3 & 4). As you can see, she had a ball (get it?).

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Finally, there's snow in Toledo

Zack, Syd, and I went sledding/snowboarding on Saturday (2/17). We went to Ottawa Hills park up near UT. There's a golf course ( there with some pretty good hills for sledding. We were very excited to finally get out in our winter wear and have some fun. We all went on the sleds, Zack got a chance to try out his new snowboard for the first time, and Syd tried out her snowboard as well. As you can see we had a lot of fun. The first picture is Zack and Syd showing off their snowboards and the second is Syd doing some snowboarding. We went again with Andy (Barb and Andy came out to visit from NY) on Sunday (2/18). None of us brought our cameras or phones that day so no pictures, but I can tell you that by the end of Sunday Syd was getting more than halfway down a hill twice the size of the one below on her board without falling. Come to find out, she's an awesome snowboarder (I'll let Zack tell his own stories). We all went again on Monday night (2/19). We just couldn't get enough of the snow and there was a forecast of rain later in the week so we thought we'd better get in as much as possible. I really miss living in NY where there's snow almost all winter. Oh well, at least we got some in before Spring hits.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Syd skates in class...

As you all know, Syd has been taking an ice skating class at BGSU ( Well, yesterday, the last day of the session, she had a ball skating around with he rest of the kids. The following pictures (not real indicative of her skating since they're all still-frame, but...) show her skating, doing the zamboni with a bucket, playing hockey, skating from Shelly (her coach in yellow) to the wall, and after picking up a stuffed animal on the ice. She's been doing great and seems to really enjoy skating, even though she doesn't always enjoy the class (new people and such...). Syd's is wearing blue pants, a grey sweathshirt with orange BGSU on it, a black helmut, and hockey skates.