Friday, October 27, 2006

Grandma & Grandpa Capwell Visit

Grandma and Grandpa Capwell came to visit this past weekend (October 21-24). We had a lot of fun while they were here. On Saturday afternoon we went to the Fleitz Pumpkin Farm in Oregon ( As you can see from the pictures Syd had a ball while we were there. Her favorite part was being at the top of the Hay Mountain. Although she loved the hayride, the maze, and the chickens and goats as well. We finished our trip there with apple cider and hotdogs from the snack bar. We left with one big pumpkin and many little ones (Syd picked them out and if we hadn't stopped her she would have gotten 20 of them). After the pumpkin farm we went to Maumee Bay to see the beach and water. It was a relativley nice day, except for a little wind. You can see from the pictures that there was plenty of sun. Zack and Syd had a ball playing near the water. They also wrote big words in the sand.

Monday, Syd started her soccer class. Audrey from next door is in the class as well. They were so cute together. They were very excited to see each other there and screamed each other's names in joy. During one of the exercises, they were standing next to each other holding hands. It was very cute and I'm wondering now why I didn't get a picture. What a missed photo op. I'll have to take pictures at next week's class and post them. The rest of the week was good as well. Syd had gymnastics on Wednesday, Family Night was last night at Syd's school (it was a potluck and we got to see tons of artwork and hang out - Zack missed it because he had his first guitar lesson), and tomorrow Syd has swimming and we are going to Grandma & Grandpa Burns house for a Halloween Bash with Aunt Shana, Uncle Derek, and cousin Zane. It should be lots of fun.

That's all for now, but I'm sure I'll have plenty more next week.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Last Weekend Was a Blast...

We really had a lot of fun as a family this past weekend and even had a visitor on Monday.

Saturday morning Syd had swimming, then we went for bagels and came home and played outside all day. You may be thinking, this doesn't sound like a really cool weekend, but Saturday night we all went ice skating at BGSU's ice rink. We are all at very different levels of skating, which made it even more fun. Zack is very good at it, I'm not so good at it, and Syd is okay when she tries. We skated for a couple of hours and had some good laughs. Syd was doing pretty well with one of the walkers they have for kids (and adults), but then decided she didn't like it very much. So, she sat on the bench while Zack and I skated a bit. She seemed to have a really good time. We will definitely be going back. Sorry, no pictures... we only took video and the blog doesn't allow for that.

Sunday we played outside in the morning and then went to the BGSU Hockey Game at 2:00 - Syd's first. She seemed to really enjoy the game, especially with pizza, popcorn, Skittles, and water involved. She was very excited when they smashed up against the glass in front of us and cheered like a pro. Of course, she occasionally cheered for the other team, but we're working on that. We saw Freddie and Freda, BGSU's falcon mascots and Syd even got to meet Freda, though she wouldn't pose for a picture with her. There's a picture of Freda above.

Monday, our good friend Colleen came to visit. Syd adores Colleen and has even "drawn" her into some of our family pictures. She also makes things at school for Colleen. Colleen was with me when I picked Syd up from school, but as usual Syd played shy and hid behind me for the first few minutes. She's so crazy that way. Anyway, we had fun with Colleen. We went to PetSmart (or was it PetCo I get confused) where we saw cats, birds, fishes, and guinea pigs, TJMaxx where Syd found her dream shirt (this orange shirt with trees on it that says something about the outdoors - Syd fell in love with it and even chose it over a book about Lightening McQueen), Target where Colleen helped Syd pick out her Halloween Costume (a Firefighter), and Don Pablos (you can guess what we did here). It was a great end to a great weekend.

If anyone has any suggestions for Halloween type things to do on weekends, let us know. We're looking for some ideas to make the next few weekends cool as well.