Monday, January 19, 2009

Boyne Trip 2009

We decided to go skiing at Boyne again this year, since we had so much fun last year. We stayed at the Lodge again, which is great since you can ski in, ski out at will. Syd had a great time again. She's getting REALLY good on skis. She can maneuver around things and can stop quickly. We actually spent a lot of time on the bigger hills this year. Syd did great on the Intermediate hills. She really enjoyed being able to ski longer (with the bigger hills) and of course, the lifts were the best part. Most skiers take the lift up so they can ski down, but Syd skis down, so she can take the lift up.

Here are some pics of her and Zack at the pool. It's an outdoor pool, as you can see. It was about 20 degrees and snowing when these were taken. They thought it was funny to stand in the snow, then jump back into the heated pool.

We have some great videos of Syd skiing. In the first one, Syd and I are skiing and Zack is on his snowboard filming. He gets ahead of us and plops down/falls. My favorite part of this video is Syd's reaction to him "falling".

In the second one, I am at the bottom first and get Syd and Zack coming down the hill. Note the great turning ability of Syd.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Hanging with Big Boy

We went to Big Boy for dinner the other night and Syd couldn't resist getting her picture taken with Big Boy himself. Cute right?